Start Tate and Golladay together?

Hello clan -
Need your expert advise. I have Tate and Golladay in my line up and would it be crazy to start them both for Week 3?

QB: P. Rivers
WR1: J. Jones
WR2: G. Tate
RB1: C. McCaffrey
RB2: A. Jones
TE: T. Burton
FLEX: K. Golladay??

BN1: K. Stills
BN2: P. Lindsay
BN3: M. Goodwin
BN4: J. Edelman
BN5: J. Smith (I will be dropping him soon)

need some thoughts on this lines up please?

I don’t hate it for week 3 specifically because they play the Patriots and will need to pass a lot to keep up. Also the Pat’s defense isn’t great.

I’m OK with it based on on your roster.

Think I would play P. Lindsay over A Jones in week 3.

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I was leaning that way too until I realized Lindsay will be facing the Ravens :confused:

I’d rather play an RB with opportunity in a ‘bad’ match up than a complete unknown.

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Aaron Jones my not get work for a bit because of Rodgers injury. They need the better pass protecting RB in there and it’s Jones first week back from suspension. I would give him some time before playing Jones.

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