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Start two - please


full ppr - 3 wr + flex leauge.

Start two:

J Gordon (note I’m starting Gronk and Sony)
G Allison
K Cole
C Godwin



Allison and if you don’t feel comfortable with 3 Pats I’d say Godwin


I have Allison in a few leagues and worry his hammy might keep him out this week…

The Packers have a bye after this week, so they may play it safe with both Cobb and Allison and get them completely healthy for after the bye week and rest of season…

I would start Josh Gordon and Chris Godwin…


Gordon for sure, Allison if he plays which I don’t think he will. If he doesn’t play then Cole. Why him over Godwin? I guess I just think Cole is used more than Godwin and has shown more chemistry with his QB. I could be wrong because of Godwin’s matchup.