Start Two / PPR

What two players would you start out of these in a full PPR league.

Golden Tate
Gus Edwards
Courtland Sutton

I’ll go Sutton without a doubt for the first 1.
Then it is more thin btween those 2…
I might go with the Gus Bus for 15-20 carries insurance…but…Tate saw a lot of targets last week…:flushed::unamused::wink:… My Eagles players fantasy faith have a little bit disappear this past weeks.

Only worry I have about Gus Edwards is he’s TD dependent and does not catch balls, as well as KC might make this a shootout limiting the running game. On the other side with Golden Tate, he will be facing Dallas who is top 10 against the Slot

I like sutton with the guys bus

It s for sure a big dilema -> Even Gus might see less Fpoints then Tate, but he’s 10 points are secured from my point of :eyes:. They’re not with Tate.