Start ty if he plays vs dal or Sony vs Pitt

Flex option here Sony has been a dud because of develin vulturing tds. I benched Sony for Damien Williams which I’m happy about now but may be forced to play him. If ty plays would you start him over Sony with confidence?

Hilton has tough matchup and hes banged up. Go sony.

I have TY, I’ve had him before, if he starts you gotta play him. He’s just too hot right now, and the Colts need to win, he’s also at home. Michel has been getting robbed at the goal line, and the Pats offense is fully healthy. Pittsburgh is a tough matchup for rb’s too, especially on the road. Michel was really good while Gronk, Burkhead, Edelman, Gordon, etc, weren’t fully healthy or acclimated to the offense.

Michel is a good player, I can’t blame anyone for starting him. But he’s a running back in a 3 or 4 person committee(including Develin) on a team that spreads the ball around, in a game that should be pass heavy(White/Burkheads game). TY is on a 4 game tear playing better than arguably any receiver in the league, Andrew Luck’s #1 target. Its a bit of a gamble if he plays but his upside is much higher than Michel’s imo.


T.Y is seemingly always banged up but the guy continues to impress even with injury. Indy offense is looking good.

Sony had a good run for a few weeks in the middle of the season, but now Dev is the goal line back, Burkhead should see more snaps, and like previously stated, this is a James White kind of game.

Too many ifs in NE. You might not have to make the call if he doesn’t go today, but play Hilton with confidence if he does.

I think the colts should stop playing with fire and limit his time today. Dude is gonna get seriously hurt one week

Wow awesome feedback guys I really appreciate it looks like ty is in and I’m staying in the flames. Wish me luck lol

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