Start Up 10 team Pick #2

Just joined a new startup dynasty and I have the #2 pick. It’s a 2QB, 3RB, 3WR, 3FLEX,
Half PPR, TE a full point.

My question is, do I draft Mahomes here if he is available? Most things I see say yes, but being relatively new to this kind of set up, its got me questioning.

I would absolutely take mahomes if he is there. Especially with it being a 2 qb league. I think it’s essential that you get your QB1 with that pick. Even if not Mahomes, maybe watson, luck, mayfield etc…

Personally, id go Saquon if he falls, if not, then go luck. Mahomes is the hot pick but in his one year starting he had a thousand times more talent than luck ever has and luck was amazing last year. With that o line and the best talent he’s ever had, I see an mvp season for him this year and no end in sight.

Also, so much will change qb wise in the future, luck to me is a safer pick that is a stalwart for your offense for at least five years.