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Start up 12-team, 11 starters, PPR. SF, 2TE (TE Premium) - $50 buy in (Full for now) SLEEPER

Good day,

PLEASE READ BEFORE asking for an invite.

I have started a dynasty startup in Sleeper with a $50 buy in for the first two years (both year must be paid up front) with a vote to take place to increase buy-in and payouts after the first two years.

The theme is Game of Thrones characters.

This is not your average dynasty league, so I am not looking for the average dynasty owner. With 11 starters and only 4 playoff teams, owners will have to choose carefully which path they go down. The SF AND 2 TE with Tight End Premium makes decisions much harder during the draft and one false move could mean your roster drowns in the end.

As mentioned, there will be only 4 playoff teams and playoffs will be from weeks 14 through 16.

There are no divisions.

This will be a FAAB league with $150 FAAB per full fantasy year. Players that are dropped will be available for claim the very next day. Waivers will process daily at 6am CST. Players that have already played will be available for claim on Wednesday mornings.

The payouts will be:
King of the 12 Teams (First Place) - $450
Hand of the King (Second Place) - $100
Master of Points (Most Points Through Regular Season) - $50

The roster for each team is:
QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, TE, SF, FLEX, FLEX. 20 bench spots, 5 Taxi spots for players with 1 year max experience. There are no IR spots.

Scoring is PPR with the following changes:
6 points per QB TD
-2 points per interception
.15 bonus PPR for WR
.35 bonus PPR for TE

The start-up draft will contain Veterans AND Rookies and will be 31 rounds with 8 hour picks with the clock stopping at 9pm CST and resuming at 6am CST daily. Draft picks and 2021 picks will be available for trade. If you miss your pick, your pick will be SKIPPED and you will have until your next pick to tell the commissioner what player still on the board you want to take. If you time out more than once, those picks will be forfeited completely. This has not been an issue in any other Sleeper league I have been in, so I do not expect it to be an issue here. Arrangements can be made with the commissioner to force an autopick if needed, if you have a queue set up.

I am looking for active owners who want a league with longevity. Once every owner has paid for the first two years, we will hold a vote for when they draft will start.

Playoff teams will have their rookie draft seeding based on their finish (King will be 12th position, etc) and non-playoff teams will have their seeding based on most possible points to help mitigate tanking for #1 seed. Lowest max point possible will get seed 1.01 and that continues through pick 1.08. Record will not be a factor in seeding.
The team with the last amount of max points possible though the regular season will have 1.01, and so on. Sleeper automatically tracks this information.

The commissioner will be open to some rule change suggestions and voting on BIG changes to the league will occur only during the offseason and require at least 10 votes in favor to pass. The commissioner will decide the number of votes needed to pass any given change and will decide which suggestions go up for votes.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. If you are interested, please reach out and I will send a link to your privately.

Thank you,

8 spots left

6 spots remaining

5 spots remaining

Four spots left

Down to three

Two spots remaining

Last spot open

We are now officially full. If you wish to be placed on the wait list, please let me know and I will let you know if anything opens up. Current member have 24 hours to pay.