Start Up 12 Team Dynasty PPR Looking for 4 players


I am starting up a new dynasty league and am looking for players. We are bringing over some of the players from the season-long league we had last season, but not everyone wanted to move to dynasty. So we have a few openings! Four of them at the moment.

Basics on the league: 12 Team Dynasty with custom PPR scoring / 1 Super Flex / 3 IDP slots / Rookies with Taxi Squad / FAAB / extra weekly game against league median. The extra game is to prevent a team from being the second highest scoring team in a week, but losing to the top scoring team. This might get nixed but it sounded like and interesting option!

13 starters: 1 QB / 2 RB / 2 WR / 1 TE / 1 Super Flex / 2 Flex / 1 K / 1 DL / 1 LB / 1 DB.
17 bench spots. 2 IR for ONLY IR players.
5 Taxi slots for Rookies only, locks on start of season.

After the NFL draft, we will be doing an auction draft to choose our teams. Including this year’s rookies. The NFL draft is April 25-27. That means we will be targeting a time in May to get the inaugural draft. Probably end of May to give people a little more time. It will be a longer draft due to 12 teams and 35 players per team (Including Rookies), so this might take the majority of one day.

However, after that date there is nothing going on until the season starts. You can trade and make wire moves, but there are no specific league activities (that I can think of) taking place at that time.

There will be a cost for the league, but that is more to make it interesting. This cost will be set on by the league. Fortunately Sleeper is free :slight_smile:

If this sounds interesting to you, let me know. Again, at the moment we have four slots available. Thank you for reading.

  • Craig Coffman