Start up draft recommendations

Hi footclan. I’m starting a dynasty this year with some friends and I was wondering about how to do the start up draft. Do I do one big draft or is it separated into a veteran and rookie draft? Thanks for any help.


It’s kinda up to you. You’ll generally see a split pre- and post-NFL draft, where pre-draft startups tend to have separate vets and rookies, and post-draft has combined.

Personally, I always hate separate drafts. I don’t like the kickers as placeholders for rookie picks style, because I just want to pick the player I want, not have a lottery chance to get them after I already spent a vet pick. I also don’t like how if you just do reverse of vet draft, the 12 seed just gets a first round startup pick this year in the rookie draft (for SF anyway). So for me, I always just go combined, but if your friends want separate, do whats best for you all.

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My league started with a vet draft first then a rookie draft after that. I liked it this way because in the vet draft, guys in the league we already trading picks for the rookie draft to move up in the vet draft or guys traded away picks in the vet draft so they could grab more rookie picks. Also, after the conclusion of the vet draft, you can evaluate your roster (like you would in the post-season) then decide which positions you need help at for the rookie draft. You also get to do two drafts with your friends which is fun while we’re waiting for the season to start.

As amo117 stated though, it’s up to what everyone in the league would prefer to do.

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