Start up draft so far - thoughts?

10 team .5 ppr 1qb 2rb 3wr 2flex k def
QB - Jimmy GQ, Winston
RB -D. Freeman, Sony, L. Miller, Chubb, CJA
WR - Nuk, Evans, Diggs, Kupp
TE - Njoku
K -
Def -

General thoughts appreciated. A little scared about RB depth so far and obviously having a Browns player as my TE1.

So far so good in my view, like the WR strength and I actually think your okay at RB, Freeman as your 1 and between Sony, CJA you can get solid 2 production plus Miller has maybe a year of value but with Watson looked good last year. Next year I think you’ll be able to plug Chubb in more regularly and with confidence as a RB2. Like the upside of Njoku but yeah I’d like to pair him with a solid guy until he gets more consistent, and good upside and youth at QB. Overall looking good as far though man


Appreciate the response man. Yah the Miller pick was me thinking even if Foreman gets over the Achilles injury he still should have a hold on the starting role for awhile. Tyrod and Clay had a pretty good rapport in Buffalo, maybe that translates to him and Njoku being okay? Haha. I’ve got a couple later round TE ideas.

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Agree on the Miller view and he’s s guy that’s getting overlooked but can do a job, potentially quite a good one, for a season at least. Ha yeah Tyrod loves a TE and when Baker steps in everyone knows a TE is a rookie QBs best friend!

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While Tyrod used his TE in BUF keep in mind be had no one else really. That does not mean njoku will bust. I think there will be good games there, but I would plan on other TE support. BTW I am a Browns fan :blush:

Your WR look stunning and your RB look good this year and next. Maybe a sleeper with high upside? Ballage (spelled?) in MIA or Sproles in PHI? Maybe an IND back?

Otherwise I would not sweat your team. Looks like you are on a good go of it :+1:

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Thanks for the response and advice man. As far as TE I drafted Brate who should be a little more consistent and rookie Mark Andrews.

At RB I drafted Jordan Wilkins in Indy haha so it looks like we had the same thought. Also got Corey Clement. Thanks again.