Start up dynasty 101 but third Rd flip

Hey foot clan… Need some advice

I’ve got the first pick for our inaugural season. I’ve tried to trade out to see value no offers…

So as I will have it I’m thinking of going RB first as this draft has the third round flip so I have the 1st 24th and the 36th, 37th then snake after

Am I crazy?

Long time redrafter first time dynasty but my gut (and mock drafts) are telling me this makes sense with that flip in there.

Also is there such a thing as tier rankings for dynasty start up? I started to make my own but can’t seem to find someone else’s template.

League format

1 of each qb, te, kicker, d/st I know stupid kickers
2 of each Wr, rb, flex (Wr, rb, TE)
10 bench
3 IR spots
Ttl 23 total possible

Thanks everyone!