Start up dynasty 4teams needed

Sleeper 12team dynasty startup 4teams needed

25 man roster start qb, 2rb, 2wr, te, 2flex, Superflex, .5 ppr, TE ppr. Pay to play, pay 2yrs in advance. Settings fairly standard and open to discussion before inaugural draft. If interested post your sleeper tag here will send invite.

@jusboro I am interested

Sent invite looking forward to off season. Thanks

3 spots left

Hey, I’m interested.
@tafrican on sleeper

Hey @Titans33 , I’m interested. @Suntansuperman22 on Sleeper

Any slots still available? Sleeper I’d AnyGiv3nSunday

I am interested

Stand by. There seem to be some in favor of super flex and some not. I may break off and take those interested in super flex.

And start another

I’d be interested in a SF league if there’s spots left.
ID: Jpom

Hey, if there’s any spot available I’d be interested. Let me know!

Looking for an 100$ buy in first two years up front, so year two I’d collect year 3s entry fee. Stay one year ahead to keep players committed.

Ice walker is sleeper Id?

Lmk sleeper id I’ll send invite.

I am interested in dynasty TheBerserker is my sleeper name.

Hey, I messaged you on the forum thing, but just In case I’ll send an email as well, my username is macedobryce21. Thanks!

-Bryce Macedo

I’m down to join a non super flex dynasty league