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Start up Dynasty Draft - 3rd Pick


I am the third pick in a start up dynasty league. The league is a 1 PPR. I have listened to to many podcast. That suggest to take one of the top 3 RBs (DJ, LeVeon, Zeke). If Zeke is the only one of these three that drop to me then, do you take Zeke or pass if he “does” get suspended for X number of games. Or since this is a 1 PPR take a stud receiver like OBJ or Brown.


I think you have to remember that it’s a dynasty draft so I think the fact that Zeke may get suspended bears less on his draft position here than it would in a redraft. Assuming his rookie season wasn’t a fluke, picking Zeke will give you a stud RB for years to come. Personally, I’d probably draft Zeke but if him being suspended really concerns you, go OBJ or Brown.


Take Zeke, he catches the ball and will be around for a while. That plus you can pick up McFadden for practically nothing later in the draft.


Without the concern of suspension. Would a WR be a good option considering the longevity of a WR’s career?


As someone else said this is a dynasty league so a young player RB like Zeke is invaluable. A 1 or 2 game suspension shouldn’t sway you if you think can have 5 more seasons like the one he just had. If you decide that this he may have more off the field issues in the future then OBJ should be your pick.


Totally agree that if you don’t go with Zeke, OBJ should be your top choice.


Thanks for the input. Much Appreciated.


OBJ/Evans is your only choice if he is there.
This is a PPR WRs have a longer career on average and more productive years.


Position scarcity is something to keep in mind. WRs are very productive, but there are a lot more of them. You can grab a lot of WRs later that can become serious producers. RBs are very difficult to find, and even more difficult to keep productive for several years in a row. I cannot emphasize the “several years in a row” line enough. Outside of the top 5 and sometimes top 3, production can change sharply year to year.


i dont think anyone says the 3 backs are the first 3 picks in a dynasty draft. Its more like OBJ, evans, zeke. So im kind of confused, is it just a redraft?


Actually, good point, is this assuming DJ and Bell are the first two picks?


This is not a redraft league. I listen to several podcast and people have different opinions. With running backs being scarce, I would be interested to take one of the top 3. But with this league being a full point ppr then an OBJ is really tempting to me. BUT… this is the first dynasty league that i have joined, and was curious what the FootClan’s opinions were.

I am assuming based on league chatter that DJ and Bell will go. But there’s also rumors that OBJ and DJ will be the first two.


hmm well id stay away from bell in dynasty. my pick would be obj, evans, aj green, zeke, mike thomas in that order then maybe dj in dynasty


Most dynasty heads put obj above Zeke and Mike Evans above le’veon so I’d consider that young wide receivers might come off the board earlier than you are used to