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Start up dynasty draft questions

Getting into a start up dynasty league, my first ever foray into dynasty. I have two questions I hope some of you will help with. Just for info, I am basically going with the Ballers for my rookie portion of the draft (we are doing 3 rounds of rookies before getting to the vets in rounds 4 and beyond). 1. The top 3 players they suggest are RB’s and I am going with that. But in my mocks, I am often getting at least one of them drafting even from the #7 slot. Then, for my second pick, the top player available is often another RB. But should I take the best player or go for a WR? For example, I am often getting options between Moss, Dillon, or A. Gibson and Claypool or B. Edwards. Should I go with 2 RB’s or mix it up a bit? I really like Claypool, so I am typically going that route in mocks. 2. Unless there is someone available that is far up the list (like Claypool), I am typically shooting for Kmet in the 3rd round. I like the idea of getting a TE with that upside on my roster for the future. Good idea…or not so good? Thanks for your input.