Start-up dynasty league, leave emails if interested

This is a Start-up Dynasty league (half point PPR), may need a co owner… if you have any questions or concerns let me know. This is a 12 team league – 2 divisions, 15 player rosters, fairly standard starting positions (1QB, 1HB, 2WR, 2OffFlex, 1TE, 1K, 1DEF), team may keep all players, annual rookie/free agent draft.

please could you explain to me what HB and OffFlex means?

I am interested in starting a dynasty league

1 RB 2 WR and 2 flex vs being locked in to 2 RB I believe

HB= running back, off flex= HB,WR or a TE

cool how many people you got?

10 spots left, I think they will start filling quick as soon as ppl see theirs one needing teams

Sure why not im down, why dont you private message me on here and ill send you my email!