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Start up Dynasty league want to getting going


Hey Guys,
I am starting up a Dynasty league. It would be a 12 man league (possibly 24 if enough people want to join). I have posted the league and rules below. League would ran through Fleaflicker and fees most likely through league safe.

League Rules:

Basics: I am super active with the intention of creating an awesome league to get super competitive a lot of crap talking and winning money. I cannot stress enough that payment for this needs to be done before the draft of the league. 3-4 (depending on amount of players) divisions, four people in each division which will be decided randomly.

Start-up Draft Order: Since this is a start-up Dynasty. I figured we can kick off the draft in a competitive fashion. The draft will consist of a snake draft. The draft spots would be done also in a competitive way by picking winners and loser of baseball games so that we can get the draft done before preseason. Every player will submit their MLB team picks for who will win each game. Whomever has the most correct picks will get the 1st draft choice and so on. As ties could possibly occur, each team will choose an NFL team for week 3 and the highest scored points by said team will be the tie-breaker Done by point spreads of the teams.
There will then be a rookie draft that contains 3 rounds and that draft position will be the flipped positions of the regular draft. The difference will be that this won’t be snake draft after the first season. (First season snake after that not snake) This will be after the regular draft.

League Fees: $30 open to change per Team.

Payouts 70% winnings to 1st place,20% to second place 10% to 3rd

Basics: All teams will stay the same every year besides a 3 round rookie draft per year.

Playoffs: Playoffs will be weeks 14-16 (depending on amount of players) Six players (also depending on size of league) will make the playoffs (based off of division and season record. Any ties will be settled by points scored for the regular season)

Tanking: because people think tanking can help them for the future if tanking is to happen it will come to a league vote to decided if there was tanking and that player would get the last pick in the rookie draft.

Trading: Trading can occur up until week 12 and we will have off season trading as well. Trades can consist of future draft picks (only for the following year) Trading will be reviewed only in the consensus that collusion has occurred and will only be voted on if there is collusion thought to have happened.

Rules of Integrity: Obviously you should be actively setting your lineup each week and avoiding being ignorant to the league. If I notice two weeks of inappropriate lineups (playing players who are injured, on a bye, etc.) you will be removed and the league minus the team playing the team that week will make the lineup(NO REFUNDS FOR THIS TYPE OF BEHAVIOR!! I WILL KICK YOU and add any winnings to that team will be split to the other two winners).

Starting Lineup:
1 QB
2 RB
2 WR
1 TE
1 Defense
No kickers
18 team roster (counting starting lineup)
2 IR spots

Depending on amount of players might do conferences also. All things are up for opinion since this is my first dynasty league to commission really want to get this going fast so please let me know!!

Dynasty startup response

If there are still spots I’m in! gabriel.dubin@yahoo.com


I play in a few leagues every year and I’ve been looking for a dynasty league to join. Let me know if there are spots available… I’m in




What are the scoring parameters?


I’d be interested in joining. I did my first dynasty league this past year and I’m finding that it makes the off-season much more interesting. I’m looking to expand into at least one additional dynasty league going forward.



Sounds like just what I am looking for, been looking for one more league. Shoot me an email at wrhonea@gmail.com



Very interested in the league



Interested hoosier2016@gmail.com