Start up dynasty leagues

Looking to join a start up dynasty league

I would also be interested in joining a start up, would prefer non-SF but maybe could be talked into it. Can message me on sleeper @illinibutts

If anyone else has any opening left in dynasty startups please message me, my sleepers username is @Lhough01

I am interested in a new startup dynasty also. Sleeper username is @mnix

myself as well, I might be even able to recruit others. @gratespellre on sleeper

I too am looking to join a new startup dynasty league.
Suppose if we get enough comments on the thread we’ll have enough to just make a league with the folks looking to join :smiley: I have a friend (been playing fantasy with for 7+ years) that I think I could recruit as well

Sleep name is anthony_marbut

Also looking to join a startup dynasty league here. Been playing redraft for a while and really interested in dynasty.

Sleeper name is dbelovs

Also interested!!!

ColonelForbin12 on sleeper. does someone want to step up and be the comissh? im looking for super flex

Hey everyone, I’m also interested. vpatel05 on sleeper

I run dynasty leagues on sleeper that have start up drafts scheduled for May

$30 with Leaguesafe

Sleeper ID is dandanrolando

I’m interested as well! Seems like enough people interested here we could probably start a new one lol

Fresh new startup on sleeper. $30 12 teams, Superflex plus IDP dynasty league .5 PPR with TE 1 ppr. Money will be collected on safeleague

The startup draft will include rookies and will draft after the combine but before the actual NFL draft. 4-hour clock

sleeper handle is @bachoc

I would also be interested in doing a start up league

@matthew49092 @visteon @v_patel05 @daniel224598 @Anthonymarbut24

I just made one! Feel free to reply to my thread (12 Sflex, TE Premium Dyno) here on footclanleagues. Or hit me up @ngwingo on Sleeper!

Interested. What’s the buy in?

Hey @ken519761056114, $30/yr would be the buy in!

I’m in if you want to send the invite

@CowboysandUtes on sleeper

Hey @omgdntbthatguy
very interested! Sleep username is anthony_marbut

Hey @omgdntbthatguy.

New to Dynasty. Would be interested in joining. Sleeper User - Ozzy1424