Start Up Dynasty | NZ / AU #FootClan... Assemble

To the small but mighty ensemble of #FootClan that hail from New Zealand and Australia, this post is for you.

I’m on the hunt for some die hards from this side of the world to bring a start up Dynasty to fruition. Half the league is accounted for… many of us brought together through the power of the Foot Clan, but there are still (up to) 6 spots available.

League Platform: Sleeperbot
Teams: 10 minimum, 12 ideal
Scoring At A Glance: Full PPR, 6PT Passing TDs, PPC, Long TD Bonus, Return Yd Points etc.
Annual Entry Fee: FREE (open to change in future seasons)
Starting Lineup: 1x QB, 1x OP, 2x RB, 3x WR, 1x TE, 2x FLEX
Bench / IR: 14x BE, 2x IR

The only prerequisite other than your geographic location is… undying commitment. If you’re comfortable severing your relationship with your husband / wife / significant other / children in search of a #FootClanTitle, welcome. If you live to troll the league group chat at 3am, you’re in. If you start constructing your rookie draft boards in early March, this is for you. If you fall asleep each night pondering trade offers you know you shouldn’t do, but you need some action, look no further.

So if the above is you personified, even if you are new to Dynasty, I’d love to hear from you.

The intention is for this league to be around for eternity, so while it goes without saying, I’ll say it anyway: be a good person. My aim is to try and cultivate that perfect balance between competitiveness / ego and good spirit / sportsmanship.

If this sounds like you, comment below with your email address and I’ll link in with you asap. Lay any questions on me and I’ll do my best to answer swiftly.

@tripleb29 | Bro, it looks like you are responsible for the only recent mention of NZ on the FootClan forums! It looks like you have a few committed NZers in your camp, so if any or all of you want get amongst another Dynasty league, let me know.

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Hey man. Could be keen. We have 5 with 2 now based in the UK. I had one guy respond to my ad thats based in Wellington so that cld be 12. Let me know if your keen.

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Appreciate the reply @tripleb29 - just DM’d you bro.

Im in brother.

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Sent a DM. Sounds like my kind of league.

Does sleeperbot have themes? Good lord that lime green side bar is retina searing.

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Keen, sent a DM. Oz based, looking for a league in roughly my time zone!

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Sadly, it appears the Sleeperbot colour pallette has no mercy for your retinas.

DM’d ya back bro.

Hey guys, new to the clan but not new to fantasy. Keen to get involved with a Southern Hemisphere dynasty if there are spots left. Drop me an email at if you have any spots left . Cheers

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DM’d you @bennyfoz
Appreciate the show of interest :fist:t4:

Im super keen if there are spots left. Im in Australia and I’m pumped for some dynasty action.

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Have just seen this as want to be in a competitive local Dynasty league (the one I’ve been in the last 4 years is a bit stale).

Did this get off the ground? Are there any spots?