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Start up dynasty pre draft trade


I’m in a full PPR start up dynasty league. I have the third overall pick. DJ and Bell are going 1 and 2, and i am passing on zeke. I have someone in this league with the 5th overall pick that wants to trade up to the 3rd pick to take zeke. What should I ask for in return. He mentioned giving me his 3rd round pick for my 4th round pick.

What are your thoughts on this?
Thanks in advance.


I think you should suck it up and take zeke 3rd haha. Its a dynasty league. Zeke is a 2nd year player. Dynasty league values great rookies over older players.
But if you do want to not get zeke I would get his 5th obviously and take his 3rd for your 4th would be fair. I would try to get Odell since he is young or really Michael Thomas also because of his age.


I would take the trade. Yes, Zeke is a potential star for years to come, but he will not give you full value this year. Worst of all, his behavior worries me enough to think that he could bust out due to personal issues. I am sure that Jerry will do all in his power to get this situation under control, but humans sometimes cannot be saved from themselves.

If you get ODB or Thomas with the #5, you will get a cornerstone for many years. The bump to pick 29 (his 3rd round pick) is 17 spots up. That is very nice!