Start Up Dynasty Slow Draft

Hey everyone. I am looking to join a serious dynasty league with a slow draft to start. I am fairly new to Dynasty.

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Me too. I’m new to dynasty too and can’t seem to find a league with the settings I want. May start my own…

@Gcole If you start one i would likely be interested too. Just need to find the right league settings!

I was thinking standard half PPR superflex

Sleeper ID jks1624 if you start one

I like it, simple and leaves room for any changes that the league can decide on with time if need be. Slow draft right? Sleeper ID is knottysticks44 if you go for it!

Cool! I’ll be in touch if I can find enough interest. I’m new to dynasty, especially being a commish of one so it will definitely be a learning experience for me but Ive been the commish of a pretty competitive league for over 10 years, just not dynasty and I know dynasty is a completely different animal. I like to do things right though. Pretty sure it will be slow draft.

Sounds good! Ill be in touch if I get enough interest!

I’d be interested. My sleeper is koondawg02

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I’d be interested. Sleeper Id is jasonmnffl

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Hey, I’d be interested too. Slow draft works great for me as not in US timezone. Sleeper username is mcd0well.

What size of league? What roster you thinking?

jks1624 sleeper id, let me know!

Yep me too sleeper id revpod - 8 hr clock?

yeah 8 hour clock most likely. I’ll fit you in if I can!

I’ve been looking to join a dynasty league as well, slow draft works great! Sleeper ID - themeheecan

Sounds good! I’ll mark you down and get you in if I can. I’m pretty sure we’re at or over 12 atm and I’ll have to take the first 12 that commented. Those first 12 may change their mind or not like the settings I have in place so if that’s the case, I’ll try and get you in. I’m currently working on the league constitution and haven’t even created the league yet so I don’t have 12 set in stone quite yet.

Me and a friend are looking to join a serious free dynasty draft.
If there are two open spots, we would love to join!

It will be $50 per year

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you need another lemme know

Sleeper ID?