Start up Dynasty-turn 55 dollars into 1,000

Dynasty league with multiple leagues, heres how it works

10 12 team leagues on sleeper

55 dollar buy in, 2 years in advance the first year then just 55 after each year, u will always have 2 years in the pot to ensure we have committed owners.

money on leaguesafe with majority vote to ensure everything is protected.

All leagues are cartoon themed so we have, powerpuff girls, coon and friends, gargoyles, dragon ball z, rugrats, rocket power, Ahh real monsters, animaniacs, dexters lab, scooby doo,

regular season is head to head with extra game against median to ensure the best teams make playoffs

Top 3 teams at end of regular season receive payouts, 200, 150, 30

Top 3 teams in each league make playoffs

30 teams make playoffs

playoffs are all play with all 30 payout teams, top teams each week move on

Week 1 of playoffs all 30 teams compete, only 18 move on and those 18 receive an additonal 50 dollars payout

week 2- 18 team play, 10 move on and get another 50 dollars

week 3- 10 teams play 5 move on and get another 100 dollars

week 4 - 5 teams play, 2 move on and receive another 200 dollars

week 5- 2 teams compete- champ champ is crowned and that person gets another 400 dollars…

if u win ur league and the whole thing u would win a total of 1,000 dollars

have a constitution with more details.

comment here, or dm me on sleeper, Abouttreefiddy is my handle

Qb, Rb Rb, Te Wr Wr Wr, Flex Flex

no superflex, te premieum, scoring to reward yards.

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