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Start Up Dynasty


Hey guys/gals, I’m doing a startup Dynasty league very soon. First come first serve. I have myself and another hardcore fantasy player already. 12 team, 30 man roster. qb, rb, rb, wr, wr, te, flex, superflex. No kicker/ Defense. Rookie draft only the following years. Three rounds. Lowest man gets highest pick. Three divisions. 55 dollar buy in. First and second year due before opening day. That way, if someone backs out it will be easier to sell a replacement for him/her. the extra five is to cover MLF’s dues. ill be using leaguesafe. payouts for 1,2, and division winners. The draft will be a email draft through MFL. I will setup a facebook group as well. Draft will be randomly assigned from MFL. Serp draft. 1 Hour max per picks. draft will be open 10am - 10pm. Respectfully asking you to be able to set up text notifications or please be serious about drafting. That’s the hardest part about setting up a new league. I’ll be open to changes on the start of each new year and we will vote on everything brought to the table. I’m not a dick but there will be general Sh*t talking from all I’m sure. All in good fun. If interested, leave your email below and ill send you an invite. I would like to get drafting as soon as possible.


I am definitely interested, this would be my first dynasty draft but have been playing fantasy for a while now. My email is sean.feldman72@gmail.com



You’re on the list!


I would like to join if there is still a spot.


I will join , sounds like fun !! ajasleson@comcast.net


Sounds good. Weeksbarry@yahoo.com


Send me your email I’ll put you on the list


Got ya listed



I am looking forward to it!


Hey man if there are still spots left I’ll join up! padgett.kade@gmail.com


Just checking in , have not seen an email yet , thanks !! ajasleson@comcast.net


We’ve got 7 people. Need a few more


jamesnewton0721@gmail.com im interested


I’ll be sending the first emails out tonight. Anyone above this post is in. Need three more!


I sent the email again let me know if it doesn’t go through


Got it!

Chris Smith


Is the league ppr?


The league is hppr. Have 3. Spots left!


I’m interested in joining then


I’m definitely interested.