Start up ingram?

10 team standard
Qb big ben

Rb breida
Rb Conner

Wr boyd
Wr thomas

Te McDonald

Flx Collins
Ingram, j. Brown, cooper
So my predicament is that do I start Ingram over Conner or Collins? Since if I start Ingram over Conner I plan on play brown over collins since collins has been such a lackluster player right now.

ingram over collins, connor over ingram

I feel Ingram is going to be better than Conner this week. He’s been trending downward since week 1, 29, 14, 9, & 6 are his point totals. And im playing against the other top scorer. So I’m looking for more upside.

conner is playing against a weak atl defense… i see him as the better play but thats up to you

Very true. Would you play brown or Ingram then? Cause I really wanna play ingram but at the same time I wanna wait and see what they do with him his first game back