Start up Keeper league looking for members!

New 12 team keeper league startup! Buy-in $35 (league safe will be used to collect and distribute prizes).

Looking for active members. League settings can be decided by the group vote.

Looking for players that love to play and will remain active.

Will be using Sleeper app so if interested send either email or sleeper username.


I am interested in joining. My sleeper is @JustcallusaDynasty

Interested sleeper is Dannyb248

I’m interested sleeper ID is Trisket187

@chaddynewms on sleeper

@frebergmd very interested

I"m interested. Sleeper ID is Untitled

I am interested in joining. My sleeper username is Nave812

@morestagedives on sleeper too. I’ll get in.

I am interested in joining. My sleeper is @TheOneAndOnlyWai. and email is

Sleeper is @leedavis2303. I am interested in joining if there are open spots.

Just sent out invites so check Sleeper and join the app as soon as you can. I had about 10-12 people respond but some told me they aren’t interested anymore so basically join as soon as you get an invite and we’ll see if we need anyone else.

I am interested, my sleeper username is @adubh

Is this league now full?

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Interested if still open Rizzer35

Open to joining if you have spots left or if any open up. Griimmjow on sleeper

Still 2 spots open!

Im interested! Cfcbvbasr13 Keeper is like dynasty right?

Hi I’m interested. szuturon on Sleeper.

Interested. Falconmb on sleeper