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Start up keeper league


I’m looking at starting a 12 team, .5 point PPR, keeper league. I’ve tried this before but people lost interest and dropped out. I’m looking for serious players the entry fee is $5. If you are interested please leave your email!



I’m interested man, how many keepers are you talking?


It would be 4 keepers


Even though i prefer 1-2 player keeper league i would be interested.



I set up a keeper league this year myself. Would definitely be interested in joining one. killianhayden@hotmail.com


I’d be interested in joining, I usually only do 2 player keeper league, but the depth of a 12-team, 4 keeper league is intriguing. Let me know if you decide to move forward with it, I’d be down.


Yes I’m trying to just get enough people to fill 12 slots! So if your interested send me your email address and I’ll add you!


I’m interested. Drop me an email michael2104@hotmail.co.uk


I’m all for the fun of fantasy. But I have to ask the $5 entry fee becomes a pot for first place to win?


Yes sir it does


If there’s space I’d like to join


Keen man! lukecoulton1@gmail.com


Codymmorris98@yahoo.com I’ve never played in a keeper league like this. I usually play dynasty same thing pretty much right?


Hey man I’d love to play in this league. Marcpicco88@gmail.com


So if you win how do you collect?


The ESPN app takes the payment for the league then the winner will be sent the winnings through the day way you paid


Sweet sign me up manif you have room. Sorry for all the questions.


I’m interested if there is still spots


Ok man I just joined. Said something about confirming if I wanna take over another team so I just stopped there.


Did I get a request