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Start up league draft order


Looking for ideas on how to determine draft order for a start -up dynasty draft that isn’t random. 12 teams. What do people got?


My favorites that we have done…

Paint balling
High speed go karting
Beer pong
Dodge ball


Pick an online game everyone can play, like angry birds with friends. The winner can the pick what spot he wants to pick from and then go down the line.


Like these ideas, especially the online game for online leagues. We ended up randomly assigning the 12 lowest qualified drivers at the NASCAR race this past weekend and then gave draft position choice in order of how well your driver did. Made me care about a meh driver in a sport I never watch… it was fun enough.


We do the Draft Olympics. We come up with 8-12 events and who ever does the best overall gets their choice of a spot. 2nd place gets second choice and so on. This year we did:

  1. Beer Pong
  2. Darts
  3. Chipping Contest
  4. Football Accuracy Throw
  5. Football Distance Throw
  6. Free Throws
  7. Ladder Ball
  8. March Madness Bracket Challenge