Start-up Superflex Dynasty League, $50 entry

Hi all. I’m a long time listener of the guys and a long time commissioner of several local leagues with friends. Most of my leagues are redraft though so I am looking to start a dynasty league with other Footclan members and make some new friends (if we can still be friends after I crush you all…).

League will be hosted on Sleeper and fees will be handled through LeagueSafe. $50 per year. We can vote on payout, but I am thinking $400 for first, $150 for second, $50 for third. If the season gets cancelled by Covid before week 10, we will do a full refund. If it makes it through week 10 we will pay out based on current standings.

12 team
PPR + 6 pt passing TD
1 QB
2 RB
3 WR
1 TE
2 FLEX (or 3, will put this to a vote)
1 Superflex
3 IR spots for this year only (honor system that 2 are for Covid players only)

Drop your Sleeper name below if you are interested and I will add you. Will start a slow draft once everyone is in and paid. Comment here or message me on Instagram @Fantasy_Football_Advanced if you have any questions! My account name on Sleeper is FFAdvancedAaron



Very interested!


sent you an invite!

Interested! Sleeper name is BMOSE

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I am interested! Sleeper name is: loss7701

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I’m definitely interested.
Sleeper name: Jniz73

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5 spots left!

2 spots left!

I’m interested if there’s still spots.
Sleeper ID Dante3000

Sleeper name is DarthWaiver.
Any more room?

Full now but I will message you on Sleeper if anyone leaves as we settle fees, etc. over the next couple of days!

10-4. I’ve got cash in hand.

I’d be interested too if anyone drops out. Sleep name is Koolaid929

Been looking for a Dynasty league, it would be my first and I’m very interested in joining. My sleeper name is Danimal0710

Hi all. Sorry for not responding to the last few comments. The league is full and draft is completed, but feel free to copy our league settings if you want to set up a new one!

If you’re still looking to fill a spot I’m in!