Start Watson or Rivers ROS and Playoffs?

After this weeks bye for Watson, should i start him ROS and throughout playoffs?

any thoughts?

Watson is a plug and play QB. Although he takes a hit without fuller. Watsons splits with and without fuller is pretty drastic. Having DT helps a bit but he doesn’t get that speed/deep threat back. Honestly really wish they made a move for DJax.

I wouldn’t fight you if you wanted to play Rivers week 14-15 though. Great matchups for him as well.

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Ya i’m thinking to start Rivers week 14 and 15 since he has Cin & KC…then start Watson (if i make it) in championship game vs Eagles (Rivers has Baltimore)

One thing to be careful of is although KC has a really bad D, that game is at arrowhead and arrowhead is actually just a really tough place to play at. One of the best home field advantages in the NFL.

Also, there is a chance that Berry is back by that time which will completely change their D. Same effect that Earl Thomas had on Seattle D.

But the home cinci game def should be a good one too.

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oh ya that makes sense…didn’t really take those points into consideration. Thanks!