Start Watson or Tannehill?

Watson vs NE?


Tannehill vs Indy?

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My QB model projects Tannehill as the QB8 this week and Watson as the QB27. The model is lower on Watson than most analysts, and I think he has a decent chance of outperforming that projection, but the gap is still too big for me and I would definitely play Tannehill this week. My QB model is below for reference. Good luck!

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Tannehill is having a good run for sure. But he’s been a backup for a reason. He’s not the talent Watson is. I rolled him out against the Chiefs when Watson was on a bye and he had 18pts that week, not bad.

If I have a true star player I usually roll them out in every matchup. The stars are stars for a reason, they usually have safe floors and high ceilings. That being said Watson had 3pts against the Ravens, but he’s had more great games than bad. Could he have a bad week this week…sure…but I’d rather play my top players and let the chips fall where they may.