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Start week 7: Martin or Hyde?


What do you guys think this week? Dougie or Hyde? I see Winston is starting which makes me think Tampa will have a run heavy game plan, but Buffalo’s defense has been tough. Hyde is probably a higher ceiling, lower floor play. This is a standard scoring.


I’d go Martin, he has been pretty consistent for the two games and has looked good.


Going with Hyde on this one for sure. Decent match up against Dallas and has enough talent to do it. Martin just doesn’t have the matchup.


I’d go with Hyde. From a volume standpoint, as a pass catcher in this match up.


Hyde, by a wide margin. He’s the better player, with a bigger, more varied workload, and has a good matchup.


I would go Hyde. As others have said, better matchup, probably more volume too based on the recent QB change.


Thanks everyone! I appreciate everyone’s opinions