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Start which 3 receivers?


Start 3:

Julio Jones vs Chicago
Kelvin Benjamin vs San Francisco
Martavis Bryant vs Cleveland
Michael Thomas vs Minnesota
Demaryius Thomas Los Angeles Chargers

Option of starting a 4th over running backs Devonta Freeman, Melvin Gordon, Isaiah Crowell

Standard league


Jones, Benjamin, Bryant.


Jones, Thomas, Benjamin


Jones and the 2 Thomases. Need to see more from Benjamin after last year.


@david_murray I think Denver is going to struggle mightily to move the ball all year, but it could be especially ugly week 1. I think SD’s defense is real. Benjamin should see a lot more single coverage this year, has more upside, and has a juicy match up. That’s why I took him after two safer options


You could be right. Benjamin did look better in the preseason.


thanks guys


Julio, Martavis, Michael