Start who?!?!

Corey Clement vs NYG or Mike Davis vs OAK please help !!

Davis has a more established committee roll right now.
i would go with him.

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I’m also an Eagles fan it’s killing me making this decision, it’s like I know it’s bad for me to start clement but dammit my heart wants too lol

you know what man,
listen to your heart. mine told me start ekeler last week and i started collins.
lost by 4 pts. difference for them was 5.3

so maybe thats the key to this whole fantasy football thing. trust your gut and not numbers and strangers on the internet. lol

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Lol I’m going for it ! Lol

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Idk man, add something else to root for tonight & go with Clement!

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clement was the play.
monster game

I got the 16.00 points! Lol