Start Your studs! what if i have too many studs?

Start or sit basically… 12 team ppr i’v got tyreek hill, doug baldwin, micheal crabtree and aj green… which one to sit this week?

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That’s really tough. I think you’ve got to sit based on matchups. Probably Baldwin just because he suffered a groin injury last game and is not 100%. Trufant will most likely shadow him as well. I don’t like AJ’s matchup but we’ve seen receivers have success against Denver the last two weeks. He’s too good to sit in my opinion.

I feel your pain man! It’s a good problem to have but rough…I’m going back and forth on sitting AJ Green this week for Shepard…teams have scored on the Broncos then past two weeks but they are also two of the best teams in the league with far more options…and even then the numbers haven’t been exactly eye popping…imo it depends on what you need…do you need the upside plays or the floor plays this week?

Even though Denver are giving up yards they did it to Brady and wentz. Dalton isn’t the same league plus aj green relied on a big play to make most of his points last week. I’d prob go with dropping an green (and playing Sheppard over him as well).

If you need a position you can get top dollars for green this week as an alternative.

I would sit Green

I do have green on my bench. But like. It’s aj green.

I have a similar situation. Can only Start 3 between: Baldwin, Cooper, Green, Shepard, Thomas. Currently sitting Green and Baldwin but have changed it about 7 times already and am losing my hair trying to figure it out.

I think you take a look at your opponent. Do you need you think your team has to go off to win ? If you just want a high floor you could even sit Tyreek with the great match up. Havent heard an update on Baldwins health but Trufant almost never moves from the LCB position and they move Baldwin all over the field, i wouldnt worry about that matchup at all.