Start Zeke week 1?

I think I’m over thinking this. But I remember RBs not getting ANY ground room last year vs the Bucs. In a standard league, I’m contemplating benching zeke for CEH and playing like Robby Anderson or Jeudy in the flex…am I crazy and overthinking it? Lol

You gotta start Zeke. Could catch 5-6 passes.

I’m starting Zeke in my league. Agree with the above, his receptions should make up for any decrease in yardage.

Ya, I agree, just scared cuz this league is standard, so if he catches 5 passes for 20 yards it’s still only 2 pts… but I know you gotta start your studs, I think I’ve just had way too much time to overthink it lol

I really wish I wouldn’t have started zeke lol