Started 0-4, Now We Here

Finishing 8-5, and with a potential first round bye hanging in the balance of Monday’s games in other matchups.

Feels pretty good. Had to put up with a lot of abuse, lots of taunts, and a slinking suspicion to just throw in the towel on the season, but its paid off.

Not too great hopes for the postseason, losing Hunt and Connor this week, but making it back to the post season was the goal after that start, and if luck happens to throw the bye to me then that will be a very unexpected success.

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I should definitely add, big thanks go to everyone on here for great advice all season long and keeping the fantasy fire going when the season seems pretty bleak.

Glad you climbed to the top of your league where you belong.

I was in a similar boat as you starting 1-3, like you I was able to turn things around.

I look forward to hearing of your playoff adventures.

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