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I started the season 1-3, Now I’m currently on a 7 game win streak, the current #1 seed and one win away from securing a playoff bye. And all of my important players are past their byes!!!
Last year’s champ is all that stands before me and this bye :smiling_imp:

your team is way better, nice job

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Go get em!

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Good luck. You’re never safe playing against Hill though. I was upset in a league at the wire last night, because their Hill outscored my Woods by 25

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Just remembered Hill on bye : )

I am when he’s on bye, this will actually put my opponent on the bubble to make the playoffs, so I get to crush some dreams

Does he have several players that were on a bye last week on his bench or something? because your lineup is disgustingly better than his, hard to believe you even drafted together

I did a lot of wheeling and dealing, he has a few matchup based plays but nothing noteworthy, I mean he could slide Lamar Miller in he’s an every down back or close to it lol
I am well aware that my team is disgustingly stacked for a 12 team league. Someone was frustrated with Zeke and I gave him Mike Evans off of one of his blowup games. And acquired OBJ & Julio off two desperate owners needing to buy wins during each player’s bye week(one got the win the other did not). I drafted Thielen and got Conner off of waivers(but he’s basically my Lev Bell pick)

for people to continue to make deals like that with you full-blown knowing they are just making your team better and better, i would be pretty upset if you were in my 12 team league lol.

I have one of the best rosters in my league after making a couple moves and even I got called out for having “too good” of a team lol, and idk if my team would even compete with yours

But good on you though mate you must be a hell of a trader, props.

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Thank you, I spent a lot of time looking over my trade partner(s)’ rosters to make offers that could reasonably make their teams better in the short term and more or less the similar ROS filling in roster holes. So far it’s paid to be the most active on the waiver wire in my league

show me your ways…what would you do here?Gus Edwards for Jarvis Landry Trade

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Ik this is a very minor issue, but it is disappointing that the week I take over first place Yahoo has its glitches and it does not look like there will be a recap this week saying I took first place with my win last week.
Hopefully they have a recap up by tomorrow or something, to me it makes the game a little more fun.

Looks like I’m on the verge of not only locking up the bye, but possibly the number 1 seed if two other matchups keep going the way they’re headed into MNF.

YOU GO MY FRIEND!!! I’m prob gonna go around 3rd or 4th seed. BUT…I’m IN as well!!! :grin:

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I cannot stand the ‘your team is too good’ argument.

The only correct answer is ‘Why isn’t yours? You had the same opportunity that I did to make deals!’

Then that usually turns into well that deal wasn’t ‘fair’ or you ‘trade raped’ that guy. I don’t understand how butt-hurt people get when you choose to build your team via trade. I told a guy in my league flat out that this is no different than playing poker.

You are playing the other players in the league and their tendencies as well as the match ups. If I can negotiate deals then I am going to do it. That is a skill I can use to make my team better, but some are dead set against it saying you are ‘too greedy’, etc. If I go around and try to rip everyone off then no one will want to do deals with me in the future so I can’t afford to do that, but if both parties are happy with it then 3rd party go manage your own team and make it better.

It’s like why even have trading in the league now if you are going to get upset based only on what ‘your opinion’ of the trade is. I’m sure if a deal they liked came to them then it would be considered ‘fair and just’. I just can’t stand grown men acting like babies over this stuff.

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