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Starting 12-team Yahoo league (standard, $80 buy-in)


Hey, everyone! I’m starting an annual 12-team league in Yahoo. I have been a league admin previously and am very active, so I’m looking for others who will remain active for the entire season.

  • 12 teams
  • $80 Buy-in
  • Draft 1 or 2 weeks before regular season start
  • Standard Scoring
  • 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 D/ST, 1 K
  • GroupMe supported

Here is the payout breakdown:

  • 1st = $640
  • 2nd = $240
  • Scoring Champ = $80

Highly recommend getting GroupMe.

All members has 1st priority next year if they remain active through entire season (no quitting when you’re eliminated from playoff contention).

Message me for more info. Feel free to include your email (for GroupMe) and your phone number (for texting only) to get things started.


For those that noticed, changed the buy-in to $75.


Have considered 2.00 per acquisition to add to the pot ? it keeps people from picking up players willy nilly


$2 per acquisition? I’m unfamiliar. Can you illustrate?

Sorry if I’m a little dense, I’ve just never heard of that.


My long time 10 team standard scoring Leauge we charge 2 bucks every time a new player is put on the roster…via trade, waiver or free agency. It tends to make team owners do more research and get more involved. But also raises the year end pot a few hundred dollars.


Anyone interested?


I am interested but I would have to know the draft date before I could pay.


Either August 26 or September 2. I want to get a feel for what the majority wants to do. So far, including you, there are 4 people (but I just posted this yesterday on a few sites)


Alright. I could do the 26th as long as its after 8pm EST and anytime on the 2nd. My email is mray0416@gmail.com



Myself and my buddy are interested if there is still some spots


Sounds great! That makes 6.


Only need 6 more people for those interested.


I’m down if still room


What’s your email, raidern8tion?


Thanks. You’ve all been sent invites. Jonathan (Jon?), I wasn’t sure what your friend’s name was based on his/her email address, so I just put the name as ‘Jea’ in GroupMe, haha.


If there is still room, I will join. Camcaldwell77@yahoo.com


I’d be in but cnt do the 26th. Let me know if that date is set in stone or no


Is your league full yet?


Greetings, Earthling, can do Sept. 2nd draft day, if so, I would like to join ONE LOVE zeusversusjupiter@gmail.com


I’m in bigez303@gmail.com