Starting a 12 team dynasty league called footclan forever

Hello footclan! I am starting a dynasty league (12 team), .5 ppr 25 roster spots and 2 IR. The line up looks like this 2QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1RB/WR flex and 2TE. I have always wanted to try a 2 qb/2TE league because I think it would give a lot more value to the position so im super excited to start this league and I am currently looking to get 8 more committed players (this league is great for new and old players of dynasty). If your interested or have any questions heres my email and phone number … 530-401-5096

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Oh and I would like to fill up before NFL draft so we can do rookie draft seperate

Also 25$ buy in pay 2 years in advance to ensure people stay. I will use website to store and distribute to winner 200 1st place, 2nd place 75, and 3rd 25

Will not charge till league is full

Sounds like an interesting format. Though I would advice Superflex instead of 2 QBs (BYE weeks make 2 QBs not so great sometimes)
Do you have bylaws to share?

I think the bye week makes it more interesting and fun/nerve racking, and as far as bylaws I am trusting members on trades no transaction limit and 200faab, however if any collusion happens the league as a whole will decide punishment. My hopes are that every member is dedicated and we can make this a super fun league for a very long time

I am very interested to join the league. You can contact me via


I’m interested. Please email me at
I play in 2qb redraft and would like to play in dynasty too.

I am interested as well if you want to shoot me an email!

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Very interested, this sounds like a really fun league to be part of.

I am interested

I’m interested. Sent you an email.

Shoot me an email, I agree with previous poster to make it a superflex instead of 2QB, other than that sounds good

Im interested in joining. My email is

I’m interested email at

Hi, I’d be interested in joining, my email is