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Starting a 12 team Keeper league - Ballers preferred settings, $100 buy in


Hey fellas, looking to start a 12 team keeper league with experienced active owners. $100 buy in, handled on league safe, and it will be the ballers preferred settings. Respond on here with email and I’ll send league safe and league invites. Thanks!



anybody? bueller?


Hey I’ll join, whats the status of your league? David@arrowsheetmetal.ca


I’m down. crouchness@hotmail.com. What are the payouts and keeper settings?


I’m interested abmoneypenny@gmail.com


Im interested avaccaro85@gmail.com


I’m interested zeusversusjupiter@gmail.com


My pops and I are both interested if you still have spots. Send info to:



I was waiting to see if I’d get enough responses on here and it looks like we almost have enough so I’m gonna get everything set up and send out invites by tomorrow night.


Assuming everyone on here is still down to play?




would love to still be in, however I’m in az and those sites won’t let me put money in. Im not sure if theres another way for me to pay but if so id like to join


Getting ready to send out invites to LeagueSafe for payment and ESPN League here shortly!


How are you deciding the draft order? I see in the settings it says you are setting it manually.


Thanks I joined the league today, will pay shortly, is there space for my cousin to join? I notice 3 spots still lack invites.


Yes there is room, can you give me his email?


Whoops need to change that. Will be randomly selected an hour before the draft.


Great. His email is: Timberland819@gmail.com



I’m totally in. When’s the draft?
Phil pchafe67@gmail.com


Hey so I can pay for you on league safe since I’m the commissioner. So if you can send me money on venmo/cash app or something like that then it could work out. You would be the 12th man. I’ll add you as soon as you pay me, and I’m guessing some of these people will drop out/not respond and not play so there should be room for you regardless.