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Starting a 12 Team Keeper League. Need Active users


I want to start a 12 Team Keeper League with active, competitive users of fantasy footballers.
2 Keepers
Same rules as Fantasy Footballers use. .5 PPR
No Buy In.
A few Spots Left Who wants to be apart of the league?


I’m interested, give me a shout for rules and such. Jayson.soto@reagan.com


Will send shortly


I’m in, les.harrison@nanaimo.ca


Will send invite soon!


I am in if you have room for one more --> paizan270@gmail.com


I am interested if there is room tatejohnson92@yahoo.com


I’m interested if there is room. thomaspullen9@gmail.com


I am in, dalittle20@gmail.com


I’m interested if there is room. You can reach me at sweenejp@yahoo.com


If you got a spot let me know. theodosis.byron@gmail.com