Starting a 2qb league

Im looking to start a 2qb league with 6 point passing tds. Is half point ppr acceptable with this type of scoring? Whats the best roster size?

No right or wrong answer. I’d say it is all about preference. If you listen to the ballers’ podcast, they discussed 0.5 vs full PPR on the episode from this last Saturday. Full point makes more players relevant, allows for higher scoring and maybe a little more volatility and excitement on game day. Half keeps some of that excitement but maybe levels things out a bit.

As for roster, I think a typical bench is 7 spots. If you want people to inherently have more depth and for the waiver wire to be thin, make the teams bigger. If you want people to have to be more active working waivers and not just stashing anyone who may have value at some point in the year, make it smaller. Have fun.