Starting a Dynasty 2020

I want to start a dynasty but the players in my current league aren’t serious enough for that switch.

I am posting it here to see if I can get enough players to make it happen. Co-managers are welcome. I will have one myself, trying to get a buddy of mine into dynasty.

10 Teams, Full PPR, 1QB-2RB-2WR-1TE- 2FLEX, 14 bench spots to start in non rookie draft. Three round rookie draft for 2020 after non-rookie draft. Roster will expand to 25 to accommodate rookies. Draft will be randomizes by sleeper. Rookie draft will be inverse order of regular draft.

I will leave it up to league vote on a taxi squad or IR spots.

I also like to do bonuses for yardage thresholds but I’ll leave that up to league vote as well.

Let me know if you are interested.

Is it on sleeper!? Is it a free league or is there a buy in etc

I am interested, especially if on sleeper

I would be interested if you can make it a 12 team league.

I am okay with either free or paid. I figured I would leave it up to vote. If it’s a paid league, probably nothing too crazy

On sleeper - Kadders

If it’s free I’m 10000% in

Yes on sleeper

Probably going to leave it at 10 teams. I like there to be a good amount of talent on each team.

But I am open to here why you would prefer 12 teams?

I’d join. My sleeper is afisher279

Would prefer paid but would still play if free

Hoping you have a spot left sleeper name: appleJackez

Interested. Sleeper ID is JakeSutton
10 team * 25 spots leaves a large amount of talent out in FA. Especially when holding onto developing players. Trade market may be quiet the first few seasons. May consider expanding bench later on… regardless, I’m interested.

Definitely open to suggestions.

I would like to have a taxi squad but figured I would let everyone vote on it

Just bumping this back up to the top. Still need 5 more players.

I think the player pool is too rich at 10 teams. I would also agree with making it paid so folks have skin in the game

I’m interested if there’s still a spot available. My sleeper name is BeeUUDee

Invite sent. 4 spots up for grabs now

I’m in like Flynn !! Sleeper name: Juiceboxxx

2 spots left as of now

I would be interested. I am on sleeper as: ruminant

Hi Im interested as well. My sleeper name is: Antmata