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Starting a dynasty and I need help


We finally have the interest to start a 12 team dynasty but the majority of guys want it to be a salary cap league where in order to keep guys from year to year their price goes up. Any recommendations on what platform to use and how I would go about doing this? What sort of budget or system does the footclan like best? And they also want the ability to trade future picks. Thanks for the help


easiest would probably be RSO (reality sports online). its similar to what you are talking about, but not exact. its salary based and contract based. picture a platform that follows the NFL as much as it can in how it operates. you do an auction draft where you decide how much you want to pay for players and bid for them. that also includes contracts that last up to 4 years (rookie contracts being 4 years when you do your legit, snake style draft to pick them just like the NFL where what you pay per year is based off of what spot they were taken, IE, 1.01 gets paid the most, 1.02 second ect ect…) you only get a certain amount of 4 year, 3 year, and 2 year contracts to spend each year. each contract starts off with year one being the cheapest, and every year after that getting more expensive. so if you pay a guy 40 mil over 4 years, year one would be something like 6 mil, year 2 8 mil, year three 12 mil, and year 4 14 mil. but the amount you have for each season goes up with the NFL as well. so last year you would have had 167 mil to spend on a team, and this year i think its 178. so its similar, already set up, and gives you the “real NFL GM” feel. i have done it, and its fun but difficult to balance first couple of years. there is a huge learning curve.


RSO is ok, but unless you are going insane rules MFL is more than capable of handling salary cap leagues. I would aim for like 500$ budget and do an auction draft to set values. I would also do contracts and a penalty for dropping players with years left.