Starting a Dynasty League - Advice

Hey All,
I’m starting up a dynasty league with my friends and trying to get some advice. Currently I have it set for QB, 2RB, 2WR, TE, 2Flex(WR,RB,TE), DEF and 15 bench spots. I’m thinking of doing Taxi spots but not sure how many is best. Any suggestions?

Also, what works best with a 12 team league for a supplemental rookie draft? I’m thinking 7 rounds but not sure if that’s too many.

For the roster, I would keep what you have for the most part, but I would remove defenses and add a superflex spot for a 12 team league. Superflex will make every QB more valuable, and in 1 qb leagues, the value of a QB is much lower. I’m personally not a fan of taxi spots, I’d rather just add a couple more bench spots.

And for the rookie draft, 7 rounds is too much, most leagues are 4-5, and in a 12 team I think 4 is enough rounds. And if you want to make things easy, I’d do your startup draft with veterans and rookies combined since it is post NFL draft.

So I just converted our redraft league to dynasty last year, I would suggest for the draft to include everyone rookies and all. This is what I did, no complaints

So I agree with dump defense and do idp, for dynasty its just better, start off with year 1, everyone takes linebackers or tackle machines, but its the way to go. As far as 2 qb, that should be worked out amongst the league. I prefer 1 qb but we do 3 wr and 1 flex.
I run 14 man with taxi, rosters are 25 with 2 ir, and we’re talking about raising it. I would suggest a 30 man roster minimum.
I personally really like taxi, it let’s you protect young guys for a few years for them to develop but then you have to make a decision to call them up, rather than just hoarding players, imo it forces people to not be stagnant which causes the league to get a bit boring.
Having said that if you’re using sleeper I would use the max taxi spots which is 10, and then the other 20 as starters and bench.
Hope this helps, and good luck