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Starting a dynasty


We are debating starting a dynasty league, what are the pros and cons?
We have a 12 man league now, with 2-3 guys not fully committed.


I love my dynasty, It adds a whole new layer of depth to the competition.

Firstly it goes Deeper then your regular league, and what I have found 4 years in (going into year 5) is that the better managers have separated themselves from the rest. This can be both a pro or con depending on your view however I would lead Pro. If you draft well, if your hitting in the waivers or really good at trading you are rewarded long term for your skills. The con is that over time for example for us there are really only 6 teams maybe 8 of 12 with any real chance to win with a clear 4/ 5 team favorites. But again this is no different then any real sports league.

further to this it really creates a new level of love for your team, its your baby, its the fruits of your labor. If you believe in a player and go for them you don’t have to give them up after a year.

The biggest thing I have found is the commitment level needed to really enjoy a Dynasty. Its more work, you have to work waivers, you have to be active in trades, you have to do your homework for the rookie draft otherwise your team will not grow long term. If you struggle with these things you can find yourself struggling but again this is something that can’t be helped.

For me there really are no Con’s so long as everyone entering is ready for the commitment. Hence I would say those 2-3 who are not fully committed would have to decide are they willing to commit or not. Its ok if they aren’t but having 10 committed teams is better then 12 with some who are ruining things because they are not active, or don’t know what they are doing and make continuous bad moves.

Again though it is a lot of fun, trading value and strategy changes adding more depth for example Moncrief has more value then Fitzgerald due to his age, however Fitzgerald is a far better player while he is playing. I traded Moncrief for Fitz because I wanted to make a push for the championship (I won) and was willing to pay a future asset for a player who now may end up retiring yet it was worth it even if Moncrief lives up to his potential.

And ultimately to conclude the reward is greater, after year 1 I realized I messed up, had to rebuild which sucked but being able to rebuild, and now have won a title 3 years later feels so much better then any of the one of leagues I have won in the past or this year. The history created, everything is just far better.

So again I would recommend it to anyone but would say you need Committed people as it is an investment. You can always expand in the future and when people leave you find a new owner for their team so that stuff I wouldn’t worry about.

I hope this helps, if you have any other questions let me know I love my dynasty and would love to help anyone who is looking at starting one of their own :smile:


What website is best?



Iv only ever used NFL.com or ESPN. Both are good though and as I have searched around it generally comes back to those 2. I do remember with ESPN there is some more diversity for example when Ty. Montgomery was moved to RB they allowed you to play him as either a RB or WR. Then again I mainly use NFL.com so thats my personally preference!

In the end I would choose one of those 2, they both have apps which is helpful also


If it is a money league, I would ask for the league dues for the first 2 seasons or full for this season and half for the next. This might give you an idea of how serious the 2-3 you’re worried about are.

Another thing our league is struggling with is balance. After 6 seasons, there is one team that has many top receivers and since our league has 3 WR starting slots and a flex it makes his team much stronger, but it seems to be leveling out now because they are starting to get older. We had a system in place but it turned out to be too hard to track, so now we are working on some kind of salary cap system. This might be something to research before starting the league.

Another thing is to make sure you set your league rules in writing because there are a lot of aspects in our league that aren’t controllable by the host site. For instance, in our league, draft pick trading requires the season dues that the draft occurs in to paid before the picks can be traded to prevent a team from trading their picks and bailing.

Good luck!


For the most part I agree with Kareem.

Having everyone pay their league funds ahead of time is an interesting way of encouraging everyone to be active, and can go a long way in regards to draft pick trading. We had that as well whereby people inherited teams without their draft picks as they had been traded away.

In regards to the Balance concept I would agree to an extent with Kareem here. Firstly I do not deny that some teams will end up objectively better than others. Between Drafting, Waivers and trading going into year 5 there are probably 3/4 teams with distinct advantages in regards to this. We also run 3 WR, and here is a look at what some teams have

One team Has - OBJ, Mike Evans, Allen Robinson and David Johnson
Another team has - Julio, Antonio Brown and leveon Bell
Team 3 has - Mike Thomas, AJ Green, Tyreek Hill along with Hunt and Dalvin Cook.
My team has - Gurley, Fournette, Elliot at RB with Keenan Allen as my main WR.

My point thought with this is I don’t personally feel you can ever really stop this from happening. Team 3 drafted very well, I obtained what I have through trading same with the other 2 examples and there is even another team with B players across all his RB/WR, he just lacks that Stud player. This will happen within a dynasty as your allowing long term keeping of players, sure if you wish to add some kind of salary cap then that may help however I don’t think it will help the bottom teams get better but rather simply keeps the better managers down or having to move on or make hard choices because of the salary cap. And I could argue while the better managers would face this that the lower managers will also struggle in the sense that if they aren’t fully committed or don’t know as much adding a salary system could lead to poor decisions handicapping their roster due to investing to much in a particular player.

I guess my end point really is that you cannot avoid the formation of the better teams, and that in the end there will always be at least a few teams that hit in the draft or a trade who are better then the rest for a period of time. All I think you can do is set things up so that the lower teams have a legit chance to get better, we have a weighted % draft of the 6 teams who don’t make the playoffs for the 1st overall pick through 6. Currently we use waiver priority so the lower teams have first crack at waivers even though the waivers rarely have studs but more so have solid players appear.

What I have noticed is a number of the bottom teams end up trading their picks or young players for older fill ins, not realize the long term effects of such moves. We did have one person take over a pretty bad team, its been a few years now however going into next year his team is legitimately a playoff contender due to his trade ability, waivers and some draft picks. So again he being new to even fantasy football has been able to fix a team whereas others have not.

So again I think for me what I see is if you have better managers then they are less likely to make stupid moves, and work to make their team better but I personally am against trying to stop the top teams from forming because I don’t think thats realistically possible, you have your top 4/5 teams who are favorites, people move in and out of them. If you wanted you could increase how many make the playoffs, but thats your choice.

Sorry that ended up being much longer then I had planned x_x


In the Dynasty league I started 2 years ago I use a contract system to limit length an owner can keep a player. I limit an owner to 55 contract years to spread among all of their players. With the option of 1 extension. Rookies drafted get a 3 year contract to start with the option of 1 extension. All FA added during the season are given 1 year contracts with the option of 1 extension after the first year.
If an owner drops a player with a large contract he gets a penalty to his remaining contracts based on length remaining.
I find this helps with trades as it isn’t as easy for owners just to drop players so they are more inclined to trade, and because of the penalty we don’t see massive contracts being signed for players.


I love that contract idea!



Love the idea

but how do you keep track of this… Seems. Like you would need to have a huge spreadsheet and you might be updating daily with the adding and dropping of players ( or maybe not as you said dropping doesn’t happen to much)


For dynasty the best platform is MFL (my fantasy league). It’s not as good as Yahoo or Espn but it handles the necessities dynasty formats need that yahoo/espn that do not offer.–all year activity such as trading, taxi squads,etc.


I would disagree and say its better than all the other sites. MFL is the only site i have been using since i started running dynasty leagues in 2009.

If you want to keep your league from becoming stale( same teams win every year) or at least reduce the staleness, you need to use contract years and salary cap.

In my league we have 4 years standard contract. We have RFA, FA Auction, Holdouts, Franchise Tags, and Waivers that cause forced salary changes that helps move players between teams. Sort of like actually owning an NFL team.

With that said, there are always going to be owners in it every year just because they are more active than other owners. In my leagues, activity correlates to success usually unless you just trade yourself out of the playoffs.


If you host in MFL it will track contract years for them. And then the
penalty can be issued at the end of the year which makes it easier. I use a
spreadsheet to track the entire league but they are easy to make.


#FootClan members can view this post about the settings the Ballers use in their dynasty league: Ballers' Preferred Dynasty League Rosters


Your confidence is enviable. I am setting up a dynasty league on MFL and would appreciate an example of salary cap and contract settings. 10 teams of redraft players trying dynasty for the first time.


Here is the original document I made the first year we made the league. I have changed it some since then and only update it in the off-season since MFL tracks the majority of it for me.


I modified it from one sent to me on this forum many years ago.


Hello Dan,