Starting a full lineup

It would be awesome to get some thoughts on this can’t figure out if I am ok to do this or not I’m in a league where I have the dolphins d on bye and don’t want to drop them to field a full lineup and I am in a match up that has no effect on anyone else as the team I’m playing is in last and my seeding is basically locked in. I know if my matchup effected anyone else’s playoff situation I should field a team but in these instances is it no harm no foul?

I personally believe that this is a non-issue period.

Now, there is distinction between making a calculated decision about your team, such as sitting players that play Sun/Mon night when your team is ahead of your opponent and your opponent is done and simply purposely losing to benefit others or be a troll because your team was bad in a given year.

Imho, if you choose not to play a defense because you want to keep MIA and you are already locked in the playoffs, win or lose, that is just fine.

As Herm Edwards famously said “You play. To win. The game!”

In my opinion everybody should be aiming for a full lineup and fielding one wherever possible.

But if fielding a full lineup costs you dropping guys you want to keep remainder of season then I have no issue with a gap in the lineup.

We’re playing to win the season not the week and I’m not tearing up 13 previous weeks plus off season of work to get some scrub dst in my team this week. Sometimes sacrifices need to be made and with playoffs one week later I’m not jeopardising my team just so that I had every spot filled. Even if this affected another team my focus is on my team. I’ve not tried to hurt them I’ve tried to help myself.