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Starting a league - Seeking committed players NEW to IDP **1st year Free**


If you’re like me, you’ve been playing competitive FFB for some years now and are interested in joining an IDP League. Maybe you’re next in line to inherit a team in an IDP Keeper league and want to get a feel for it before jumping in.

I am starting a 10 team league for those of us who know FFB but have yet to play IDP. I’m not going to vet anyone, so please be honest - I’m looking for first year players! If there is enough interest, once we get our 10 teams set, we can agree to make this a keeper league. Entry to the league will be free. If we choose to go keeper, we will become a cash league ($50-$100) next year.

I will provide more details upon inquiry, but here are the basics:
10 team, PPR, 2QB, Auction Draft
6 teams make playoffs, scoring has been customized to make IDP players comparable to offensive players.

If interested, reply here or email me directly (preferred)
Mention “IDP Rookie” in the subject so I don’t delete.

Unique League Rules?

I’ve been playing fantasy for years now but never done a dynasty, would definitely be up for it and am a very active owner. Let me know if you get the league going, I’d be in!


@jonsolo @mackmoss93 @dw91290 @dustin_peels @BoomFreeze @wcm142 - Saw your posts that you’re looking for a league. Check out the original message in this thread and shoot me an email if you’re interested.


This looks fun, hopefully we can get a group of interested IDP newbies on board.


@sporty_711 @VanDingo @Duke4011 - saw your post. First year league start up. Hoping to go to dynasty league next year if we have enough interest. Check out the original post and see if this is something you’d be interested in.


@ryan_mcnally saw your reply in the other post. unsure if you’ve ever given IDP a try, or are even interested, but we’re all new and planning to test it out this year. it’s still up in the air if we’ll move into a dynasty in 2018, kind of depends on how everything goes this season in the new format. contact Adam for scoring details, etc


@msmith0325 check out the original post. If this sounds like something you’re interested in shoot me an email.


@ballemore1029 saw your post. Check out our league and shoot me and email if you’re interested. Everyone in the league so far is from FFBallers forum, 5 spots left.