Starting a new 12 team dynasty league, looking for involved owners

Edit: Only a few spots left!

I’m looking to start a new dynasty league that will stand the test of time and last for years! Owners should be dedicated and competitive. Fun banter is encouraged, but please don’t be a jerk. I’m hoping we can build a mini community with 12 people that love dynasty fantasy football!

Scoring will be PPR, with the following positions:
1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 3 FLEX, 12 BENCH, 2 IR, 3 TAXI (no kickers or defense).

There will likely be a $25 buy in (we can discuss once the league is full). The startup draft will be vets-only, with 1 hour pick times and starting asap. I’ll pause it overnight and during the draft, if needed. Rookie draft will be in a few weeks (snake draft in reverse order of startup for just this year).

We’ll use the sleeper app. Please reply with your email if you’re interested!


I’m down! It’s rough doing no buy-in though, hard to keep people involved. for invite please :slight_smile:

I’m certainly not opposed to a buy in. I kinda figured people might have a bad team and decide to just quit rather than keep paying a buy in. But I can see it from your point as well.

I’m interested.

I’d love to be in

I’d love to be in. Is there an anticipated draft date?

We’re discussing the start date in the chat, but it shouldn’t be too long after the league fills up. We’re also discussing a $25 buy in, which it seems is preferred.

Let me know if you have any questions!



I’m very interested!

I’m interested!

I am interested!

I’m in if you still have openings!

If you still need anyone I am interested!

I’m interested if you have any more room. I’m currently in two dynasty leagues.

Oh yea, email😊

We’re full, but thanks to everyone that showed interest! I may still contact you if we were to lose a team for whatever reason

Very interested!

Just saw you are full. If someone bails, hit me up!