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Starting a new Dynasty League


Hey folks, new to the clan would love your advice. I have started a Dynasty League for a group of friends of mine.

Wondering what advice you guys have for starting a new league. Just for reference we are planning to use ESPN as a host site. .5 ppr; 1QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 2 Flex, 2 TE 1 Def.

Roster size/number of keepers (Do we know if you can expand roster after rookie draft and then reduce the number by the start of the season in the ESPN hosting)?

Trade deadlines I feel like it should be later w/draft picks available for trades?

When to close and open Free agency (is this something that can be set up in ESPN)?

For the Rookie/FA draft next year do you guys think it is best to do reverse order of final standings or can we mix it up? (don’t want to screw over whoever gets last place but want to do something fun)

Do you recommend snake with the Rookie/FA drafts?

Any other advice or thoughts are great, just hoping to make a great league for these dorks!


I think the team format works well. Two TE is the only thing I personally don’t like but it does add a bit of flavor.
I know in our Dynasty league after the draft the commish had to make several teams drop players to add rookies when a team drafted more rookies then the roster size would allow (so yes, there’s a way to make it work, but takes a small bit of effort on the commish’s part).

A large bench is key. You want rookie drafts to matter and a large bench (We use an 18 man bench with 2 IR slots) helps with that. In regards to keepers, if it’s a dynasty league, pretty much everyone is a keeper. This helps open up trades and again makes the rookie draft more exciting.

I highly encourage allowing draft picks to be a part of trades. It will take some management to keep track of everything, but it makes it much more enjoyable. We generally stop allowing trades several weeks before playoffs to prevent tanking and stocking up too much for the next season.

In regards to drafts, we run a non-snake but the last 4 teams get the first 4 spots in the first round. (We randomize the first 4 so tanking is discouraged and doesn’t guarantee the #1 overall pick). Snake on the initial draft is probably the best/fairest way to go.

I’m still learning dynasty as well but it’s a lot of fun. Its going to require some work on your part but it sounds like your invested in making it a great league and that’s what matters! Good luck!