Starting a WR and RB from same team?

Hi all,

I’m pretty happy with my roster, but then started questioning my WR/RB stacks… How should I think about start/sit with these guys? 10 team, .5 PPR, 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 Flex, 1 DST, 1 K. Roster below:

QB - Ryan, Winston
RB - Cook, Carson, Jones, Montgomery, Sanders, J. Hill
WR - Evans, Thielen, Lockett, Robby, Dede
TE - Hooper
DST - Browns
K - Lutz

Is it less than optimal to be starting Cook/Thielen and Carson/Lockett? Any thoughts/guidance would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!

Bonus question - As a Cook owner, should I drop J. Hill for Mattison?

If I were to start a stack on your roster it would be cook/theilan for sure. I don’t mind having stacks of players if you know that the offense is going to move the ball. I like Minn and have no issue stacking those. Carson and lockett isn’t bad either but it’s hard to trust Seattle offense and coach P. Yu just never know what’s going to happen there. As far as having handcuffs it’s not that huge for certain teams but mattison is for sure the work horse if cook goes out. But I like J Hill this year as well for sleeper value. Would rather have Mattison

Thanks BigCrube! Appreciate the insight and feedback. I was feeling the same way about each one of those stacks. Minn should be fine each week, but I’ll probably want to evaluate over/under and gamescript when looking at the Sea stack.

Also, I did end up deciding to drop J. HIll and snagged Mattison. I already have good RB depth, with a couple high(er) upside rookie RBs (Monte and Sanders), and figured I’d rather have the security of Mattison vs. the potential sleeper value of Hill.

Thanks again!