Starting CEH, Gibson, & Ty’Son

Probably the worst trio of RBs you can have apparently especially while watching their games.

These are my 3 top RBs on my team.

Will it get better or will I suffer all season watching backup RBs and mobile QBs ruin my hopes and dreams?

It’s frustrating because I thought I was drafting upside in CEH and Gibson with 2nd year breakouts, but McKissic and D.Williams are a pain.

Gibson I expect to rebound. Ty’son is at the mercy of a committee that seems to feel he’s not the man to finish near goal line.

CEH is another matter. Is this a funk or is he a bust? I’m picking up Darrel Williams just in case. Hopefully it’s not mckinnon though.

I think Gibson will be fine in the long run. I was surprised to see McKissic in on the 2 min drill.

I’ve never been a fan of CEH myself, that team belongs to Mahomes and he will decide what is done unfortunately.

As for Ty’son after tonight I’d say he looked like the lead ish but they’re definitely playing em all

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Ty’Son does looks like the lead to me too. He’s got the most burst it seems like. They have called him out during the games though missing holes that can get him big gains. Hopefully they help him correct that during film. Freeman actually looked good though which worries me.

It’s going to be a long season.

But at least now you know that Axe Elf exists, so there’s hope for a future that doesn’t involve wallowing helplessly in ignorance and confusion.

FacePalm Emoji.

Look at his screen name, for Pete’s sake…

Ty’son has had touchdown opportunities every week though. He’s not the guy from the 2 yard line but I can see him taking one in from the 10 here and there. He had two shots at tds last week and had the freak thing where he tried to go in backwards and the helmet popped the ball up in the air and his teammate scored and then he had another run where he got close but didn’t get in but it was still an opportunity.

I think you have to hold tight. I doubt you get good value for CEH. He’s not gonna be a touchdown guy for them but he can at least log a good bit of yards if given the opportunity.